Satomi Nagase - Satomi Nagase has her first AV experience with us at JapanHDV today


  • 上傳 1 個月 前 在分類: UnCensored

    Satomi Nagase has decided that she wants to enter the adult video industry.

    It is something that her mother wanted to do when she was younger and was not able to because of family pressure.

    Our hot Satomi has decided to fulfill her mother’s dream for her and apply for the position of adult video actress.

    Today Satomi Nagase and her mother are here to interview for the position.

    We are so happy to have them both here and we conduct the interview of Satomi with her mother in the room as well.

    We are tasked with assessing Satomi and seeing if she would be a good fit for us.

    She is a lovely girl and she seems to have a sexy body with very large breasts.

    But to become an adult video actress it takes more than just having a great body...




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