Ako Nishino - Kimono Lady Ako Nishino gets a gang of men to fuck her


  • 上傳 1 個月 前 在分類: UnCensored

    Our Kimono Lady today is Ako Nishino.

    After a lovely evening at a school reunion some students and their former teacher all decide to go back to Ako’s place as it is nearby.

    They have all been drinking so they are quite loose with the tongue and everyone is enjoying themselves.

    One of them accidentally exposes all of the sex toys Ako has hidden in a bag.

    Ako is quite embarrassed by this discovery, and asks them to all keep it a secret.

    They all agree but they are also excited at the thought of this cute Japanese girl using all the sex toys on herself.

    All of them decide that they will keep the secret if she agrees to show them all how she uses her dildos on her own pussy...




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