Sakura Aoi - Sakura Aoi meets an old lover for coffee and ends up cheating


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    Sakura Aoi is looking for a hard fuck.

    She likes it rough some time and today she is interested in getting off.

    She is your typical housewife, married to a hard working man who is kind but just does not satisfy her sexually as he is always so busy.

    She recently solved this problem of not getting enough cock in her by meeting with an old friend who used to be her lover.

    What a coincidence that she bumped into him one day and they decided to meet up and catch up.

    She explains that her husband is not dicking her like he used to and asks him to please fuck her.

    They retire to a nearby love hotel so he can give her pussy the attention it deserves.

    She is not interested in talking and just wants the cock so her old lover gets started kissing her and getting her ready to receive his cock...




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