Tutor 4K - Alicia Hole


  • 上傳 10 個月 前 在分類: US&EU

    This day, I was angry as hell.

    I was about to go to a party and fuck some slut there, as my father told me that because of my bad marks, I have to study with a tutor right now! I was out of myself and decided that since she had deprived me of party sex, I would definitely fuck her! She was a sexy lady with red strands and good manners.

    She was very well-groomed, and very hot for her age! I thought sex with such a lady could be better than just fucking a dumb slut at a party.

    Well, the plan was to drive this old educated bitch crazy and so that she begins to insult me, and then I will blackmail her! Before she could step over the threshold of my room, I immediately began to insult her.

    At first she was very surprised at my rudeness, but then she began to play my game, and completely forgetting about her professionalism, gave me a delicious slap in the face! “What have you done, you touched my vulnerable young soul! I won’t leave it like that and will complain about you! ”, But she was ready to make amends in any way, even if this way turn out completely shameful for her…



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